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Mtuft Mini

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Mtuft Mini

The Mtuft Mini was designed for conversion of yarn into carpet where a single yarn only is required. It is suitable for cut pile OR loop pile from 3m to 75mm in any gauge or stitch rate. The switch from cut to loop is made in software, no mechanical adjustments are required.

This versatile machine will suit a range of producers – from plain carpet or rug manufacturers to yarn, space dye and masterbatch producers.



  • Vertical primary backing means easy viewing of the sample and quick needle stroke adjustments
  • The yarn feed system incorporates an electronic yarn detection system allowing the machine to run unattended
  • Power – 110v or 220v single phase power
  • Compressed air is not required!
  • Cut or loop full width
  • Software controlled gauge
  • Software controlled stitch rate
  • No pattern - all level cut or level loop
  • No shifted product, just straight sew
  • Includes industrial PC control system


Model TMMS051 TMMSXL051
Purpose Sampling carpet and rug yarns Sampling turf yarns
Speed 1000 rpm 1000 rpm (slower for long pile)
Maximum Pile Height 25 mm (1”) 75 mm (3”)
Maximum Width 500 mm (20”) 500 mm (20”)
Shifted Product No
Patterned Product No
Machine Dimensions
Width 1500 mm (60”) 1500 mm (60”)
Depth 800 mm (32”) 850 mm (34”)
Height 1400 mm (55”) 1400 mm (55”)
Mass 300 Kg (660 lbs) 300 Kg (660 lbs)
Machine Requirements and Environment
Power 110V single phase (USA, Japan)
220V single phase (rest of world)
Air Not required

All specifications subject to change without notice




Mtuft Mini Brochure preview.PNG
Mtuft Mini Brochure


Mtuft and Mini comparison Preview.PNG
Mtuft and Mtuft Mini Comparison


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