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About us & FAQ's

We have given carpet designers a "carpet factory in a box" enabling fast, accurate and cost effective product development.

Modra is supported by agents all over the world who provide sales, technical help and after sales service to our existing and new clients. With over 25 years industry experience and a commitment to ongoing innovation, Modra Technology has received multiple business awards for excellence in performance, success and achievement in both manufacturing and export.

It’s Carpet Sampling Made Simple.

Modra Technology has sold over 300 carpet sampling machines in over 30 countries around the globe and is recognised as a world leader in the provision of carpet sampling solutions. Modra's products include the Kibby for axminster sampling and the Mtuft for tufted carpet sampling and in 2011 we introduced the 24 Needle Mtuft Pro. Modra also sell sample Finishing Solutions such as the DK25SP Sample Backing Press and ST1000 Sample Shearing System to professionally ‘finish' your newly created samples.

I’m interested in one of the Modra machines. How do I find out more information?

What technical support is available on the Modra machines?

Modra has a helpdesk platform called Zendesk. Logging your issue here is the most efficient way to communicate with our support team and start solving your problem.

Is support available remotely?

Yes! Most of our machines can be connected to the internet and our technician can view your machine remotely and then diagnose and fix most issues.

Where are your machines manufactured?

Our machinery is proudly Australian made. We manufacture many of the components in house and all parts go through a strict quality control process to ensure our machines are made to the highest quality.

How do I order spare parts?

When you purchase a Modra machine, you will be supplied with a parts list. Simply send an email to sales(at)modra.com with your spare parts requirements.

I need spare parts but I don’t know the part number.

Send an email to sales(at)modra.com with details of the part you need. In this situation, it is always helpful to include a photo of the part you need to replace and take a photo of the machine serial plate or take a photo of the machine where the part is located. With this information, our sales support team is usually able to quickly identify the part you need.

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